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- Linear Form kitchen by Symphony

Linear Form – by Symphony

The Linear Form kitchen is modern and contemporary and will create a sensational showpiece in your home.

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Linear Cube kitchen by Symphony

Linear Cube – by Symphony

With its clean lines and minimalist detailing, the Linear Cube kitchen oozes pure style.

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Linear Avant kitchen by Symphony

Linear Avant – by Symphony

The Linear Avant kitchen, with its gently chamfered top edge cabinets, provide an extra stylish aspect to your kitchen design.

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Richmond kitchen from Laura Ashley

Richmond – Laura Ashley

With its angular styling, the Richmond is minimal and modern and provides the ultra contemporary design in the Laura Ashley collection.

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Plaza - Gallery by Symphony Kitchen

Plaza – Gallery by Symphony

The matt finish of the Plaza kitchen is less likely to show fingerprints which makes it a perfect choice for a busy family home.

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Hacienda - Gallery by Symphony Kitchen

Hacienda – Gallery by Symphony

The Hacienda kitchen offers a minimalist and simple design that is typical of its Scandinavian style.

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-Urban - Gallery by Symphony Kitchen

Urban – Gallery by Symphony

The Urban kitchen is the ultimate in on-trend interior design seamlessly combining concrete, smooth matt and woodgrain finishes.

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Alta - Gallery by Symphony Kitchen

Alta – Gallery by Symphony

The vibrant colours and natural woodgrains of the Alta is making this versatile range a popular kitchen choice.

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New York - Gallery by Symphony Kitchen

New York – Gallery by Symphony

The minimalistic style of the New York kitchen is inspired by urban living and is ideal for open-plan living and multi-functional rooms.

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Linear Ice kitchen by Symphony

Linear Ice – by Symphony

The Linear Ice kitchen by Symphony creates a bold statement in any modern living space.

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Linear Trend kitchen by Symphony

Linear Trend – by Symphony

With a fashionable palette of colours, the Linear Trend kitchen is a great choice to easily create a kitchen that’s totally unique to you.

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Woodbury - Gallery by Symphony Kitchen

Woodbury – Gallery by Symphony

The Woodbury delivers a contemporary elegance that is hard to resist with its clean lines and reflective brightness.

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- Quadra - Gallery by Symphony Kitchen

Quadra – Gallery by Symphony

The Quadra kitchen defines modern living. With its angular design, clean lines and minimalist detailing, it oozes style and sophistication.

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