Linton – Laura Ashley

The natural beauty and warmth of golden oak shines through with the Linton kitchen from the Laura Ashley Kitchen range. The beautiful wood grain, enhanced by the rich warm tones, exudes a timeless quality in this classic shaker style kitchen. Creating an understated welcoming atmosphere as well as an elegance that is reflected in the warmth of the wood, the Linton is the ideal choice for your modern country kitchen.

With a range of features to choose from, you’ll find that everything has its place in your new Linton kitchen. Organisation becomes easy and simple storage solutions create perfect places for you to store and organise all your cooking essentials.

You could complement the warm tones of the Linton with the painted finish of the Whitby to define your own individual look. Whichever finishing touches you choose for your family kitchen it will most certainly bask in the warmth of golden oak with the Linton by Laura Ashley.

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